Sunday, May 30, 2004

Lets all keep our fingers crossed that this week's connection stays up and fast enough to keep the new uber-playlist playing.

This move has really f' up'd the regular playlist for the last 2 weeks - and all appears to be good now. The source server (not broadcast server that listeners connect to) is supposed to have a full 10 mbit, but for some reason it's only getting about 1.5 mbit - which isn't horrible and IS fast enough to run the source - however it would be nice to get what we're paying for, right?

I added in a few more sets to the uber-playlist today - and I hope to have some more up and coming talent added by the end of the week (if they get me their CD's or upload their sets to the FTP).

Anyway - we'll keep on pluggin' and keep on playin' the tunes!

BTW - be sure to leave some feedback in the feedback section of 2HP.ca. It's nice to hear listener's comments.

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