Saturday, May 22, 2004

STUPID, Stupid, stupid...

My move is finally completed - the 10 mbit source connection installed and working, 2HP.ca Radio back up to normal. Broadcast servers 100%.

All of the sudden at 3PM on Friday May 21 - source connection is lost. I figure perhaps just some routine maintenance. Turn on my back-up source (which only has like 12 hours of music which loops, as opposed to the massive 2HP.ca Radio playlist).

I get to the source site about 5PM. Connection still down. Call tech support - line must have been cut somewhere in the building. Won't be able to come out and investigate until Tuesday May 25 (due to long holiday weekend).

WHY ME?!?! As soon as I pretty much had things back to normal all hell breaks loose.

I'm going to try and find a solution today that will hopefully keep us from having to endure the same 12 hours of music repeated until Tuesday - wish me luck.

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