Monday, December 20, 2004

Shoutcast Stats for November 20 2004 to December 20 2004:

Shoutcast Ranking: #1071
Total Time Spent Listening (hours): 5,765
Tune-Ins: 20,807
5-minute Tune-Ins: 5,633

Friday, December 10, 2004

The All Tiesto Weekend - 24/7 Tiesto playlist has just been setup.

We're looking at ~29 hours of Tiesto sets, which means over the 3 days we should get nearly 3 full rotations of the playlist.

ENJOY the programming. The whole EDM community in Toronto is very excited for his 6-hour set on Saturday night and nothing can be a better "warm-up" than a whole whack of Tiesto!

The playlist will revert to the previous December 9 version sometime in the wee hours of Monday December 13.

I want to offer a congratulations to Kurfew, who will finish an epic 4 hour set on 2HP.ca Radio @ 02:10.

For those who aren't familiar - Kurfew is a local Toronto DJ who does impromptu live-to-air sessions on 2HP.ca Radio.

Tonight was by far one of his most spectacular sets. To hold down the flow and technical skills for 4 hours is an exhausting exercise.

Congratulations to Kurfew for his great work this evening. You can reach Kurfew @ cmaronitis@hotmail.com.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Shoutcast Stats for November 1 2004 to December 1 2004:

Shoutcast Ranking: #1080
Total Time Spent Listening (hours): 5,056

The ranking has gone down, but the total time spent has gone up.

Just updated the playlist today. All sets received prior to October 27 2004 have been removed. This makes the list a wee bit smaller, but much more current. Further - no classic oldie sets in this playlist either. We'll see how listener response is to a 45-day current playlist.

Also added in some additional "Up and Coming" sets from Richard Taylor (http://www.richardtaylor.ca) and Kevin Harcourt (http://www.kevinharcourt.com) as well as Ampz (http://www.amplifiedradio.com).

Lastly - Friday December 10 to Sunday December 12 is All Tiesto Weekend - 24/7 Tiesto to celebrate Tiesto's 6-hour set @ The Docks in Toronto on Saturday December 11 2004. Tune in for great classic, current and epic (TiC) Tiesto sets.

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